1. Where do we run? Currahee. And what’s “Currahee” mean? We stand alone. How far up, how far down? Three miles up, three miles down. And what company is this? Easy Company. And what do we do? Stand alone.

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  7. Nine Worst Things about College →







    I took care of all that shit in high school.

    Good thing I’m living with my parents…

    I read this and I was laughing because this is my life already and the hangovers thing doesn’t even count because i can’t even drink alcohol therefore it’s more like the 8 worst things about college that actually apply to my life now as a high school senior anyway so I think i can handle it (even the roommate thing-i have a sister)

    I feel that most of the stuff on it is over hyped.

    This coming from someone who is going to be an RA this fall.

    But freshman dorm bathrooms are the worst.

    You’ll spend your nights wondering how they got it on the ceiling.

    And it missed the part about the ultra sensitive smoke detectors and the one dumbass that sets it off at
    4 in the morning because he forgot to add water to his easy Mac, resulting in a building wide evacuation :|

wearing these during sex

    wearing these during sex

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    NORMAL: What is your favourite Pokemon?
    FIRE: What game would you like to see Pokemon get a crossover with?
    WATER: What makes you happy?
    GRASS: What is your favourite flower?
    FIGHTING: What would your Pokemon team be if you were the Elite Four Champion?
    GHOST: What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
    FLYING: What features would you like to see in future Pokemon games?
    ELECTRIC: What is your favourite video game?
    PSYCHIC: What animal(s) and plant(s) would you like to see as Pokemon in the future?
    DARK: What is a feature that was in old Pokemon games, that you would like to see return?
    POISON: Do you own any Pokemon merchandise?
    GROUND: What is your favourite TV show?
    ROCK: What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
    ICE: Do you have any Pokemon/trainer OCs? What are they like?
    BUG: Where would you like to see a Pokemon region based on?
    STEEL: What Pokemon is your favourite Pokemon of each colour class (eg. fave red Pokemon)?
    DRAGON: What trainer class do you think you would be in the Pokemon world?
    FAIRY: What is your dream?